What a life as a writer

Life as a writer is great: you do what you want, you decide the schedule, you publish, you get interviewed by radio and TV stations,

The Wizard of Special Children

The Wizard of Special Children is a fairy tale that I donated to UILDM, Unione Italiana Lotta alla Distrofia Muscolare, with the hope that it


Great, I didn’t think I could get so many endorsements all at once for my fairy tales and my novel. And more will be published

I would like to

We are a thousand and one writers, some really good, some a little less so but all with a sacred desire to explode in the

Courageous Pelosi

Courageous Pelosi, my new book, is finally out, and it contains two exciting stories, to say the least: Zar a brave little hamster who will

Short stories

Are we talking about Short Stories? From my point of view, they are a great testing ground for those who would like to start writing


At last the new site is online. For many it may be normal, but for me it is the very first time: there is no

Magical Night

Night. Lying on a meadow, a woman turns her gaze to the sky, the silence is total, it even seems as if the Wind has